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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2010 Remodeling Cost as Compared to Resale Value

Remodeling Magazine annually researches the cost of remodeling with the help of Home Tech Information Systems. They also research the value remodeling adds with the help of the National Association of Realtors. They put this information together by regions. For a complete report please go to http://www.remodeling.hw.net/2010/costvsvalue/national.aspx

Below are the results for the San Francisco region.
A small difference in the size or scope of a project, or in the quality of finishes and accessories you choose, can dramatically affect the cost.

The “value” of a project at resale is always subject to forces that are difficult to predict. Changing how a space is used may meet the immediate needs of the current homeowner, but may be at odds with what prospective buyers are looking for. How the value of a remodeling project is perceived also depends on a variety of factors that traditionally affect home values, including the condition of the rest of the house, the value of similar homes nearby, and the rate at which property values in the surrounding area are fluctuating. Comparable values are particularly difficult to judge in the current economic climate, in which the effect on the value of surrounding homes of foreclosed properties and short sales are part of the equation. The mere presence of a large number of unsold homes, whether new or existing, well-maintained or distressed, can have a constricting effect on surrounding home values.

The Cost vs. Value Report provides an accurate snapshot of the general housing market, but it cannot be applied accurately to an individual remodeling project for your particular home. Resale value is only one factor among many that a homeowner must take into account when making the decision to remodel. I think the best course of action is to obtain construction cost estimates from reputable local remodelers and then give me a call at 877-Lee-Sells to discuss the value it will add to your home.

Project Job Cost Resale value % recouped

Attic Bedroom $70.938 $74,206 1 04.6%

Bath Addition $54,927 $44,476 81.0% ­

Bath Remodel $22,014 $22,440 101.9% ­

Deck Addition $18,636 $18,987 101.9%

Deck Addition $15,091 $17,025 112.8% ­

Entry Door $ 4,197 $3,438 81.9%

Entry Door $ 1,546 $2029 112.8%

Family Room $113,274 $109,553 96.7% ­

Garage Addition $79,104 $64,208 81.2%

Garage Dr. Repl.$1,579 $1,992 126.1%

Home Office $34,574 $21,641 62.6%

Major Kitchen Remodel $71.015 $67,583 95.2% ­

Minor Kitchen Remodel $25,039 $27,816 111.1% ­

Master Suite Addition $143,853 $123,003 85.5% ­

Roof Replacement $28,699 $21,821 76.%

Siding Replacement $14,931 $11,111 74,4


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