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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Foreclosure Baloney

I don't get this foreclosure moratorium stuff.


I don't understand why the press and politicians are putting so much into it. I can assure you the banks are not foreclosing on anyone current on their homes. Many of these home they are foreclosing on are vacant and some inhabitable. inhabital home

A sad fact I heard recently is many homeowners are losing their homes due to medical bills. That should not be.

Making the banks review additional papers, re-file, and delay the inevitable is only getting revenge and that is not healthy. No good come out of that.

We should be putting pressure on the banks to modify the loans of homeowners who are good, honest, hard working people. Many of these people for whatever reason can't make payments at the current payment but can and want to make modified payments. I don't understand the need for a bank to go to the expense and foreclose on a home with a $500,000 loan and a month later sell the home to someone else for $300,000. The original owners would have been capable and extremely happy to make payments probably on $350,000. The banks would have been $50,000 + expenses better, with less property on the market values would be up protecting their equity in all their portfolio.

I have another idea to deal with this foreclosure cancer. Equity Share. Let the banks lower the principal and they share in the increase in equity with the bank getting the first 25% of any increase. This allows the bank to regain their loss and possibly make a profit. More important it keeps more people in their homes, and creates a lower inventory of homes for sale stabilizing and increasing home prices. With stable and increasing home prices it will eradicate the foreclosure cancer and increase the value of the homes already in the banks hands.

It sounds so simple. Why don't the politicians fight for that rather than trying to get revenge on the bank.





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