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Sunday, December 27, 2009

It’s Working and Working Well!!!

You might ask, what is working and working well. I am speaking about the $8000 Home Buying Credit. A recent home buyer brought up the $8000 credit and told me that was the motivating factor for him and his wife purchasing a home. The termination date creates urgency and action. Low prices are motivating but not the cause of action. Many think they can time the market. Good Luck to them. People in the business think the lowest interest rates in 40 years should be creating urgency. It certainly makes people think but low rates is all many of these young first time buyers know. I purchased a home in 1982 at 14% interest and that was considered good. Today’s 5% and below interest rates are like the “After Christmas Sale”. But still does not create the urgency since many believe it will last forever.


The $8000 federal tax credit was extended and now sounds like it will really terminate April 30, 2010. Now that creates urgency! OK; the credit created a home sale and that helps stabilize pricing. Let’s not forget all the mouths a home sale feeds: the realtor, mortgage broker, title people, escrow company, termite inspector, home inspector, city tax coffers, and more. Now let me show you all the mouths my client fed by spending his credit on: landscaping, painting, double pane windows, window coverings, furniture and more. Others may remodel a kitchen or bath, carpet, appliances, roof, etc. My client purchased the home from a flipper who must have put $50,000 into the home. Add that up, and the $8000 quickly turns into over $100,000 of added income to local people. That feeds lots of mouths. Being employed in Real Estate and related fields, as Americans and Smart business people we should be ecstatic. I know I am. I am a believer.

One might think that I support the credit going on forever. No, I am a realist and understand the affect will diminish over time and a firm termination date is what makes the credit successful. I think April is a good time to terminate the credit as the Real estate Market historically picks up in late spring and summer. I am hoping that will help smooth the transition and continue the market stabilization and slight appreciation.

A quick mention of the Current Home Owner Credit of $6500. Although in the Bay Area the $800,000 home purchase limit puts a damper on things it is a great opportunity for Condo Owners to step up and for others to scale down. Many people may not realize that they do not have to sell their current home to receive the $6500 credit. They can keep it and rent it out. The new purchase must be a primary residence and it must be below $800,000.

Enjoy Spending your credit!



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