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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Purchase Bay Area Real Estate in Today’s Market

1. Interest Rates are near 40 year lows. You can lock in your housing costs for the next 30 years if you buy not if you rent.
2. Property Values are at 5 year lows. Some areas have declined in value as much as 60%. Bay Area Real Estate has a long history of recovering and appreciating.
3. There is a large inventory of homes to choose from with Motivated Sellers. Individual owners and banks selling today must sell.
4. Getting a loan today is not difficult. It is easy. Just show you can make the payments.
5. Conforming Loan Limits have been increased to $729,750 allowing for low interest rates on these loans.
6. FHA has loan programs with a minimum of only 3.5% down. Veterans can take advantage of VA loans with no money down.
7. First time Home Owners will receive an $8000 Federal Tax Credit. (First time is considered not owning a home in the previous 3 years.) Income restrictions apply.
8. Any buyer regardless of income or ownership type will receive a $10,000 California State Tax Credit when purchasing a new home or condo. It is suggested to use a Real Estate Agent to assist you in negotiating even more with new home builders. First time New Home Buyers can combine both Federal and State credits for a total of $18,000.
9. Investors can obtain a positive cash flow in some areas with 25% -30% down.
10. You will be respected as a good and smart American doing your part to help our economy. You will receive a personalized Thank You note from Pres. Obama, Gov. Schwarzenegger, your Realtor and Lender. Oh! In 5 years you will take me for dinner thanking me for helping you make so much money. It is a Window of Opportunity. This is the Bay Area Real Estate’s “Perfect Storm”. It will not last forever!!! Don’t let it pass you by!!!
“It Is Better To Own Real Estate and Wait, Than Wait to Own Real Estate”

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